Hello Teaching World!

I’m new in this blogging world and honestly not so sure of what types of contents I can upload and how, but I feel excited to start trying new stuff. I would like for everyone that reads my posts to be able to get to know me and my background so I’ll fill you up with it as my first post.


Family from left to right: Omar, Laurita, Pao, Dad, Mom, Jessy, Roger (2018)

So, just like during the first day of classes, let’s start by the beginning. I’m Laurita Garza Ríos, 27-year-old Mexican. I was born on June 3, 1991 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico and I’ve always lived there. I’ll have to start by my parents who have given me this awesome opportunity of living. My dad, Rogelio, is a very good cook, he loves his family and does everything he can to keep it together. My mom, Laura, is a super hero, she went back to school several years ago to finish junior high and is now half way through her degree in Psychopedagogy. I know, it’s awesome, she is my inspiration, just as my whole family is. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister. Roger is two years older than me, awesome musician with a huge heart. He has a very lovely girlfriend, Jessy. Pao is 5 years younger than me and loves sports, just as I do. We’re big Spurs and Cowboys fans, by the way, I like Lakers as well. Sports have always been a very important part of my life and I feel grateful for everything they’ve taught me. I love spots such as running, basketball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, and many others.


omar y yo
Enjoying the ride with Omar, the love of my life. (2016)

Talking about sports, I met my husband while studying at Tec during an event for representative teams athletes. We had this “Borregos Got Talent” show in which some of the athletes performed, most of us had really poor artistic abilities, so it was mostly a comical event. The odds were not in my favor so I had to go on stage and make stuff up. I can honestly tell you that I just stepped up because I thought that just after I finished making a fool of myself, that moment would be erased from my memory forever. Evidently I didn’t expect to meet the love of my life there. Now I get to talk about it for the rest of my life, very funny. This new soccer player who just arrived from Tampico to Monterrey, Omar Flores, was sitting among the crowd having a good time while I was joking and doing silly stuff on stage. I didn’t get to talk to him until a couple of weeks went by. He was studying his Master’s degree in Automation and Control and playing soccer while I was studying Biomedical Engineering and running. This happened during August, 2012, and after lots of stories and cool moments, we got married on April 2, 2016.

Road to Teaching

Basket tapados
One of our basketball teams. (2017)

I studied Biomedical Engineering for seven semesters at Tec de Monterrey while I gave tutoring to pay for my tuition and just loved it. I decided to study Education the day I realized how much I enjoyed teaching and although I can’t say it was an easy call (I really like Biomedical Engineering), I went for it and just knew it was the right thing to do.

In 2013 I started coaching basketball teams at Instituto SIMA. I still do and I can’t explain how much it fulfills my day with motivation. The oportunity of helping values trascend through our team is just priceless. The strength of the relationships we build there is very special and hard to understand for outsiders.

6367 Laura Garza_aj
SIMA (2018)

I formally started teaching 7th-9th grade Spelling and Life Science at Instituto SIMA during 2014. That was my only schoolyear with those subjects. Then I started teaching 4th-6th grade Math and I have to tell you this made me very happy. I studied junior high at SIMA and stayed there offering tutoring ever since I finished studying there, then somehow ended up as a teacher. It’s funny to live teacher moments where you have so many student memories. I flip my 6th grade Math class and some of my 4th and 5th grade Math classes as well. I’m very excited with my flipping results and hope to share some thoughts about my experience with you. My kids are really enthusiastic with their flipped classroom as well.

Read You Soon

Well, as I said before, I have no clue of how blogging works so I’m not sure if this is too short or too long, hehe. (Or how to end this post) This is an important part of my story, I’ll probably share some more background stuff every now and then.

Thank you for reading, I’ll try my best and share valuable teacher experiences and strategies to help everyone that follows this blog. I follow other teachers as well so if you have a blog, twitter account or any other public space to share your thoughts, I’d be more than happy to read from you. Please leave a reply if you have any tips for me on getting started, any comments or a specific topic that you would like me to write about, or the link to your blog, twitter, etc.

Thanks for your time and hope to write again soon, have a great day!